Creating a Cleaner Future

From day one, we wanted to implement various ideas for our business that made us stand out from the competition. This stemmed from wanting to not only impact our community, but the world. 

We started with the idea of helping to save the environment by repurposing pre-owned or forgotten clothes that would eventually be sent to landfills. We like to think we keep pieces of history from being lost forever. Next, we loved the idea of donating to charities so that we could help as many people as possible.

60% of clothing is made from synthetic materials (polyester, nylon, acrylic, etc.) a.k.a. plastic. With that being said, about 10.5 million tons of clothes are thrown away each year. The impact of places like thrift stores or consignment shops is much greater then many may think, but they often have a bad stigma of being "dirty".

When it comes to thrift stores, it is impossible to know who they are getting all of their clothes from and to be able to clean every single item. Due to us only selling high-end designer clothing/handbags we have the opportunity to be more selective with our products and it allows us the time to clean and sanitize each individual item. 

We always want to make sure that the quality of our items is top-notch. This starts with carefully selecting items in good condition. We then make sure to thoroughly clean each item, the way the manufacture intended it to be cleaned. This can be by machine, hand washed, or dry cleaned if needed.

With the Coronavirus outbreak, everybody needs to be more cautious and aware than ever. We are still cleaning all of our clothing we have yet to add to our website and have recently stopped sourcing new inventory until we believe it is safe for us and our customers. The trust and safety of our customers is our number one priority. 

One change that will come from this horrific epidemic will be the impact of people's thoughts when it comes to cleanliness. Many individuals will have a new outlook on the importance of keeping clean, for it can have consequences. 

You can trust that it is safe and sanitary to get all of your new and used designer clothing at a fraction of retail prices from 

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