How To Thrift Designer Brands

Thrifting has no doubt become a popular hobby for fashionistas out there. Nobody is immune to the excitement of finding a treasure at a low price. Whether you're shopping the nearest thrift store or the Goodwill that's 30 minutes away, it's possible to find high-end designer brands. Here's how:

Know the Good Locations

Although good items are bound to be dropped off at every locations there are definitely some thrift stores that receive more designer items than others. Wealthier neighborhoods typically spend more on the clothing they buy and don't mind donating it when they're tired of it. You can also check out the many online thrift stores ( is our favorite but we may be a little bias).

Know the Best Time to Shop

If you want to beat the competition and get the better items before they're gone - ask the thrift store employees when they typically restock. 

Bigger thrift stores tend to restock daily if you're there early then things will be more organized, making it easier to shop. However, if the thrift store continues to put new items out throughout the day then you may want to go mid-day when the early bird shoppers are gone and new items have been put out.

The next best time to shop at thrift stores is on their deal days. Thrift stores have special deals and discounts on various days of the week. The Salvation Army and Goodwill offer 50% off certain color tags on certain days of the week

Be Prepared - Know the Brands

If you want to find designer brands in a thrift store, the most obvious thing you need to do is know the designer brands.  While this may seem obvious and easy, you won't realize until you're at the thrift store just how many different brands there are. It's nearly impossible to know every single clothing brand that there is. However, by doing a little brand research and seeing what sells for the most money you can easily learn what brands are considered high-end designers and what brands are not

Some of my favorite brands to find are: Chanel, Burberry, Tory Burch, Gucci, etc.)

Learn the material (cashmere, wool, silk & leather)

If you know the different types of clothing material well enough, it's actually possible to get an idea on the worth of a product just based on the material. Although there are other determining factors, such as brands, there are definitely different materials that sell better than other. 

For example: silk, cashmere, wool & leather typically cost more.


What is your best thrift store find? 

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